Coderlambian Editors

Coderlambian Editors
Madeline (9), Megan (9), Zachary (11), James (14), Grace (15), Joshua (17), and Rachel (19)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Workshop of the Year

Today, James and I went to a workshop on sheep show-manship and management.  
Our judge from last year came volunteered to come up and teach us these things. It was a great opportunity to learn - and we did learn a lot!

The first half of the workshop was in a classroom setting. Here, Mr. Baroni spoke with us about how and what to feed them, which feeds are best for different circumstances, cleaning techniques and supplies, and showmanship skills. I hope I took good notes!

For the second half, we all went outside and watched how our judge wanted the lambs to be sheared for the show. You probably wouldn't know that there was 1 correct way to shear a lamb and about 20 million wrong ways to do it. :)

James and I are very excited. Since Mr. Baroni will be our judge again this year, we will have an opportunity to be tested on how well we learned the information he presented. We have 4 months to practice. Can't wait!

Rachel: editor of The Coderlambian

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